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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 18, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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temperature at 48 degrees and we're cool. not as chilly and cold as we were yesterday. because we do have a southerly flow in here. also visibility, somewhat of an issue as we have some patchy fog across the area. we look at the forecast to the bus stop this morning. make sure the kids do have a jacket. as they come home from school today. the umbrella not quite yet. it won't be more into the evening time that we will start to get some showers in here. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, we are still dealing with a very serious crash on 83 in northern baltimore county. the southbound lanes will be shut down throughout the morning rush. so it's extremely important for you to use york road instead. they will be closed from old york road to mount carmel road. this crash involved three tractor-trailers, three people have been critically injured. avoid 83 this morning and we will have the latest as it becomes available. if you are traveling 95 a live look at the topside in towson
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at the valley road. everything moving right along. 95 downtown also nice and clear as we check in and take a live look here at 395. no delays right now through the fort mchenry tunnel. harbor tunnel also going to be clear. that's a look at your traffic. charlie? coming up in morning at 5:00, it's one bottle of barbecue sauce that's worth much more than you could ever imagine. why the owner though says this is not to be eaten and the price tag to boot. >> also, some good news for men who take vitamins, the belts health experts say men could be getting -- benefits health experts say men could be getting from those daily doses.
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thanks for staying with us, being diagnosed with breast cancer a life-altering event affecting so many. that's why two women are now on a mission to help support survivors. lynn lost her mother to breast cancer more than five years ago. she co-owns bare necessities with her sister. they sell undergarments for
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patients who want the look and feel good -- to look and feel good after hearing they have breast cancer. judy says the store is exactly what she needed. >> they need a place that will help you find what you're looking for. you need to come in, you're not feeling your best. and some of these women are going through chemo and radiation. and they just want to get back to their normal lives. they want to get back to work. they want to get back the looking good. -- to looking good. >> she says survivors not only need a good bra they need a listening ear. to give back she works with the program survivors offering support along the eastern shore. there's still time to sign up for the weekend's race. the susan g. komen race for the cure is sunday in hunt valley. go to the website, think pink. we have a link to sign up. well, all he wanted to do was sign the paperwork and now he took off running instead.
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the charges now one man chases after police finally caught up with him. "good morning maryland" at 5:00 begins right now. a new safety policy goes into effect today to keep weapons out of schools. what studentcan expect to see when they walk through the door. and a show of support, clergy from several denominations speaking out today on they're that favor of same sex marriage in the state of maryland. and drop cover and hold on. some new rules being put in place today getting you ready should an earthquake ever hit the area again. those stories and much more on this thursday, october 18th. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. megan is off today. but lynette charles she's in house right now with the weather forecast. lynette. it could be changing. >> it could be changing. it is going to change as we go throughout the day charlie. let's take a look at what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar. right now, we are dry. we have all of the sweeps on
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scanning the skies. not picking upon a whole lot right now. but as we go more into the afternoon, late afternoon evening that's when we'll see wet weather moving in here. the clouds will be on the increase throughout the day. the temperature right now in nottingham at 46 degrees. that dew point at 46. the winds are pretty much on the calm to light side. but they will be picking up as we go throughout the day. 56 degrees right now in arnold with a dew point of 53. the winds out of the south at about 3 mis an hour. that's what's holding the temperatures up a bit this morning. not really dropping off like they did yesterday. 46-degrees in elkton right now with the dew point of 43 and that is what the planner looks like through the rest of the morning into lunchtime. 57 degrees and mostly sunny and then we'll have the sun/cloud mix by lunchtime coming in at 66. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we have some patchy fog out there. yes, lynette patchy fog across the region. a serious crash in northern baltimore county involving three starts and it's shut down the southbound lanes of 83 between freeland road and old york road.
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it is expected to be shut down throughout the entire morning rush. so you will want to stick with york road instead and we've just learned that three people have been critically injured and we will have the latest as it becomes available. now if you are traveling on 95 here's a live look right now at the fort mchenry tunnel. everything up to speed. harbor tunnel also going to be nice and clear. and as we check in and pull up the other drive times, 695 going to be in great shape from parkville all the way up to towson. and you're looking at a normal ride right now on the west side of the beltway. just 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. charlie over to you. as your kids head off to school this morning you expect them to be safe once they get there. well, now one county school district is making a big change to accomplishing that goal and they're starting today. abc2 news linda so is live at perry hall high school and linda, what's the new policy all about? >> reporter: starting today every school resource officer in baltimore county will have access to a hand held metal
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detecting wand. it's in response to recent school violence you'll remember the shooting that happened here on the first day of school. when a student brought a gun to school and shot another student in the cafeteria. now these wands will not be used for random serves, only when officers have a reasonable suspicion that someone in the school has a weapon. the county police chief says it's part of the solution to keeping kids safe in the school. recent incents prompted the change. the shooting of course here at perry hall high. another scare at stemmers run middle school and just this week a bb gun that was found at owings mills high. parents seem to be on board with the new policy. >> i think it's a good idea. kids should be able to be safe. >> we do need to be extra vigilant and do what we need to do to make sure we protect the children in school and make a safe environment for them. >> reporter: so when your kids go to school this morning, this new policy will be in effect. every school resource officer
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will have access to metal detecting wands and use it if they feel a student has a weapon. live in perry hall, linda so, abc2 news. it's difficult to imagine the pain of losing five family members at once. now one week after a horrible fire in northeast baltimore, a grandmother and her four young grandchildren will be laid to rest. the funeral service and memorial service for manry worrell and her -- nancy worrell and her grandchildren being held at mount pleasant church at 10:00. the funeral will immediately follow at 11:00. delaney valley memorial gardens donated five plots to help the family. anne arundel county executive john leopold is confident the lawsuit against him will be thrown out. but on the off chance he pledged to reimburse the county for his legal fees. a former employee is suing saying leopold fired her after she complained he made
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inappropriate commented and criticized her hair style. today local clergy coming out in support of the measure. one news conference in baltimore, the other will be outside a church in silver spring. the general assembly passed the law earlier this year allowing same sex marriage in the state. voters will decide if it should take effect on november 6th. you know the old rule stop drop and rule when it comes the fires. now -- the fires. now federal emergency officials want to make sure they drop, cover and hold on. those are the instructions now being given during the earthquake. people across five states including here in maryland will be practicing today. it's all part of the great southeast shakeout an earth quick response drill. last -- earthquake response drill. last year a quake hit near richmond causing damage. not anything to worry about but a quaker did hit maine this week. here's video this morning of the girl's reaction when the earth began shaking. she's answering questions for a
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youtube fans then suddenly a look of alarm crosses her face. she quickly end the web session and there were no reports of major injuries though as a result of this earthquake. up around maine. time now for a check of the changing forecast. here's lynette. >> all right, we're talking about some clear skies right now. as you step out the door no need for the umbrella, you do need the jacket though because it is still cool out there this morning. and i'm going to pull out so you can see what's coming. so charlie keeps on talking about changing weather? yes, exactly what we will see into the late afternoon time frame. into the evening. we do have some pesky showers and thunderstorms back off to the west. this is on the move. we will be getting in on that action. so again, if you're not going to be able to be home, if you are going to stay out all day, take the rain gear with you this morning as you step out the door. now temperatures are on the cool side coming in at 49 degrees in galea yea. ijamsville -- galena. ijamsville more of the same. the winds out of the south at about 5 to 10 miles per hour
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and they will be picking up throughout the day. so it going to be a breezy day an top. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, there's a serious crash right now that has shut down 83 until baltimore county. the southbound lanes are now closed from old york road to freeland road. this crash involved three tractor-trailers. three people have been critically injured. it is expected to be shut down throughout the morning rush so definitely stick with york road instead. if you are using the beltway there are no problems from parkville all the way up to towson. if you are using 95 a live look in white marsh at route 43. everything up to speed, no problems getting downtown. that's a look at your traffic. charlie? a 20-year-old gallon of barbecue sauce sells far pretty penny on iway. we're going to tell you the amount the -- ebay. we're going to tell you the amount of the winning bid and what makes the sauce so special. >> the science behind why a quick siesta can be a big way to solving some of your biggest
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problems. "good morning maryland" continues in just a moment.
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it's ten minutes after the hour. thanks for staying with us, how how much would you pay for a 20-
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year-old gallon of barbecue sauce? how about $10,000? that's how much port bank of maryland -- mort bank of north dakota made when he put the sauce on ebay. he seayed sauce after -- saved the sauce after a michael jordan promotion in 1992. he thinks the bottle is the last of his kind but doesn't recommend the buyer use it on the foot. it's getting to show off the costumes to their classmates parading around the school and eating candy is having a good time. but not in seattle. the staff voted to not allow children to wear their costumes this year. some parents thought it was the kids who were playing a trick on them. >> i was very disappointed when that actually thought that my daughter misunderstood the rule. i was a bit shocked really. >> she was a little upset. i said are you excited to wear your costume? she was like my teacher said we can't. i was like what? >> school officials canceled the parade because classes get owl early that day and teaches
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want to spend as much time as possible in their classroom to get the kids educated. len et? >> don't ask me. >> when's the last time you dressed up for halloween? >> last year. >> what did you go as? >> i'll tell you later. we have temperatures that are cool the morning not cold. middletown 50 degrees, edge mere 57 degrees, 56 shadyside and bel air at 51. the southerly flow is helping to warm the temperatures this morning. we can seed right here in easton 5-mile an hour sustained winds right now and we're seeing 9 in d.c.. the winds will pick up throughout the day. and we could be seeing gusts up to about 15, 20 miles an hour. now the satellite and radar, picking up on this line of showers and thunderstorms but severe weather across the middle of the nation. it is beginning to slide off towards the east as of now and you can see this is accompanied by a cold front. this cold front will move across the area as we go
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through tonight early tomorrow morning, and continue to bring us some wet weather across the area. which we do need. high pressure will stay off towards the east for today. now future trend going to pick up on exactly what i'm talking about through the evening. around 7:00, maybe just missing rush hour as it begins to die down. but the wet weather will continue as we go through tonight the overnight early tomorrow morning, still dealing with some wet weather. maybe even some thunderstorms across the area. and this is what the planner looks like through today. as we go into lunchtime, 66 degrees. those clouds will be on the increase. i am going with the high today at 70 degrees. the seven day forecast gets cooler and drier as we go into the weekend. it is going to be a chilly start for the komen race. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. a very serious crash in northern baltimore county, it's shut down the southbound lanes of 83 between freeland and old york road. the crash does involve three tractor-trailers and three
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people have been criticallyinjured. but definitely avoid 83 south. you will want to use york road throughout the whole morning rush. as far as the beltway is concerned, no problems to report. right now at 695 and you're actually taking a live look at 83 right now in hunt valley at shawan road. no delays here but fog is going to be a main issue. you will want to expect reduced visibility it's really going to be bad in that area. definitely turn on the low beams. here's the beltway at liberty road. in delays down to 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. charlie over to you. all right, as this happened to you before? you struggle over a problem for hours. cannot come up with a solution. then you rest your eyes and suddenly the answer is right there. what causes us to feel so refreshed? researchers monitored a group of people at rest and found that during the nap the right side of the brain continued to be active while the left side remained quiet. now it's believed the right
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side performs the house keeping tasks which may help you clear things out when they wake up. well, multivitamins are the most common dietary supplement taken by at least one-third of american adults. one study has found no evidence though that they help prevent cancer. but a new report suggests there may be a different benefit for men 50 years and older. researchers found that men who took a multivitamin a day reduced their risk of cancer by 8% and also had a reduction in cancer related deaths. the results don't apply though to women or men younger than 50 years old. well, the past couple of days have not been very good for lance armstrong. he's lost endorsements and resigned as chairman of live strong but one organization wants to continue working with the cyclist. >> he's the winningest olympian of all time and now michael phelps has a new title. why the latest distinction should come as no surprise. >> all right, you have to go and sign up for our mobile app. because there's so much to do on here. if you want to get the
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temperatures, annapolis right now coming in at 60 degrees under mainly clear skies. but also you can get the radar, we will be tracking some storms later this afternoon. it's going to be a good day to go and download our app. don't go anywhere. "good morning maryland" will be right back.
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lance armstrong, may have lost the nike contract and stepped down from livestrong. but he will still be involved with a local cancer organization. the cancer fund for young adults says armstrong will continue working with the group supporting those affected by cancer. armstrong was part of the group's triathlon fundraiser in columbia a few weeks ago. amid controversy he was doping during the cycling career he stepped down from live strong the same day nike cut ties with him. >> he felt that in order to protect this organization, its mission, the team members here, from any kind of effect as a result of controversy from the cycling world, he would step down as chairman. >> the seven-time tour de france champion denies the doping claims, nike continues supporting the live strong charity. he has 22 medals and 18 goals so it's not a stretch to say michael phelps is in great shape. more than two months after the
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appearance in london he's now getting new recognition. "men's health" magazine voted him the fittest man of all time. also given the honor because of a five hour workout regimen. that's unreal. others on the list includes ray lewis at 100 and ironman cal ripken was 98. our pain was eased a little by the appearance of another ravens' great at practice. pro bowl outside linebacker terrell suggs back on the field for the first time since injuring his achilles tendon. no word yet on when suggs could be seeing some game time. the texans is going to be a huge game. ey have a 5-1 record atop the afc north. they have the identical records as the texans. to take on the task of protecting the people of baltimore. batts wants the job of city
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police commissioner and now plans on saying what he's going to do to keep the streets safe. the latest numbers and we haven't seen in 20 years for violent crime. >> and maryland's most powerful radar is dry now. but you might want to take the outdoor activities and the errands earlier today. i'll tell you exactly when the rain arrives coming up. >> a tractor-trailer crash has shut down a part of 83 in baltimore county. i'll have all the details coming up on "good morning maryland." ♪ five percent at best buy. ♪ wow my definition is high. activate your 5% cash back at ♪ everybody get, everybody get! ♪
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the violent crime rate in the u.s. went up for the first time in nearly 20 years. that's according to the new numbers from the u.s. justice department. it conducted 75,000 phone surveys and found the number of assaults is up 22%. property crime also was on the uptick for the first time in ten years. and household break-ins rose 14% and the number of thefts jumped by 10%. well, safety is the top issue no matter where you live and the man who's now looking to be baltimore's top cop heard concerns from people he's now looking to protect. confirmation hearings for anthony batts began last night at city hall. he answered questions from council members and from citizens and he listened as people spoke about the problems
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they see in our communities like strained relations with police officers and residents. he is prepared he says to take on all challenges. >> we will work diligently to earn your trust. we will be professional and we will be courteous and treat people with respect and expect the same in return. >> the council is expected to confirm batts in an appointment on monday. routine day in court turns chaotic. up next, what led to a defendant running out of the courthouse and how police had to take him down. >> also high speed chases are certainly dangerous. especially when they involve an 18 wheeler. we're going to bring you the surprising way police ended up tracking down that driver when "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday, october 18th. good morning, topping america's money, student debt keeps spiraling, two-thirds of the class of 2011 graduated with loans averaging $26,000. 5% higher than the year before. strong new numbers showing a real bounceback for the
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housing market. the number of new homes being built jumped 15% between august and september. to the highest rate in more than four years. american airlines' parent company lost $238 million in the third quarter a lot of it from severance payments and other one time expenses. now american will begin hiring 1500 flight attendants to replace those who took buyouts. and ashton kutcher tops this year's forbes' list of highest paid tv actors pulling in $24 million for "two and a half men." hugh laurie of "house" was number two with $18 million. he died ray -- tied ray romano. it was cancel but there's -- canceled but there's still a lot of money from "everybody loves raymond." that's america's money, i'm john muller.
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keeping your kids safe. the new policy in effect today aimed a keeping weapons out of the classrooms. and the numbers are inment we're going to take a look at how many contracted west nile virus in year. and just how bad the past summer was to years gone by. rough terrain, high winds and snow. the hikers who were lost for days in the national park sharing their story of survival on this thursday, october 18th. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. megan is off today. but we begin with a check of the forecast and say hello once again to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning charlie. good morning everyone. we are dealing with temperatures that are on the cool side. not the cold side. not the chilly side this morning in a lot of spots. now, ellicott city is one of spots with that temperature coming in at 50 degrees. a little bit cooler though in myersville at 43. catonsville 51. the winds out of the south for the most part at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. they will be picking up through the day. we could see gusts up to about 20 miles an hour. and we're also dealing with some patchy fog this morning as
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well. so as you step out and about make sure you have the low beams on so you can see more of the road and less of the fog. also on maryland's most powerful radar, not a whole lot this morning but we have changing weather that's just off in the distance. and we will be getting some of that wet weather some scattered showers and storms as we go towards the evening time. but here's your planner for the day. as we top out at lunchtime right around 66 degrees. we will have those clouds increasing. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. well, we are dealing with a very serious crash on 83 in baltimore county. the southbound lanes are now closed from freeland road all the way to old york road. this accident happened just before 4:00 this morning. it involved three tractor- trailers two of which hit head- on. three people have been critically injured. you will want to stick with york road throughout the morning rush and you can take that and then get become on to 83. if you are heading out to 695, here's a live look in towson at we of course


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